These are particularly tough times for many people's lives and careers... We are here for you! 

Our expert and affordable career services range from sprucing up your resume, social media review, interviewing prep, and general career coaching.


If you're not seeing the results you want and don't know why, then join the thousands of our happily employed and thriving customers and get the answers you need to make your job search a success.

Review our options below and schedule a free consultation!

We're now offering discounted pricing due to the recent market changes from COVID-19.

Individual pricing starting at $160, with full packages ranging up to $600.

Resume Review

You're pretty sure that your resume has the right format and the pertinent information,, but why aren't you hearing back?

Let us take a closer look to give you some answers.

Resume Writing

Does your resume need more of an overhaul or just a facelift?


We can update your resume to better highlight your unique skills and compete in today's market. 

LinkedIn Review

LinkedIn and social media are game changers now. 

Do you know what recruiters and companies are REALLY looking for?

Have you kept up since you were last interviewing?? Let's chat.

Cover Letter

The answer is... maybe.

Learn when you should send a cover letter and how to write one that stands out.

Career Coaching

Stuck in a rut? Fruitless job hunting? Gunning for a promotion?


Just want some honest and expert advice?

Bespoke Packages

Not sure where you could use the most help and where to start?  

Let's discuss next steps!


Kanani is an amazing recruiter, and given her experience and success, it is no surprise that she would be excellent at helping individuals make a resume that gets noticed... I felt my resume needed a bit of a refresh and Kanani took it from a 2 to a 10!


I immediately began getting more interviews on submitted applications. The job market is only getting tougher and more competitive with record unemployment. 


Highly recommend investing in a quality resume and/or cover letter, it could be the difference landing that next role! 


Samuel H. - VP of Product Marketing (April 2020)




Resume Review & Writing

Whether you feel 90% confident on your resumé or paralyzed on where to begin - don't sweat it. We're ready to create the best representation you can have on paper, and show how to synchronize it with digital media.

From overall resumé content to the length and formatting, we will help you decide how much help you need and suggest edits that would be useful for you to do on your own... or we can completely rewrite it for you!

LinkedIn & Social Media Review


Maybe you just shun social media, or LinkedIn and social media wasn't a thing at last time you were interviewing... We'll advise you on key ways to portray your best self, enhance your online presence and network.


We'll cover everything from using that awkward selfie as a profile photo, insider knowledge on the latest tools recruiters & employers use to search and filter profiles, and many other vital topics. No matter where you're starting, these updates are sure to improve your job hunting results.


Cover Letter

A well crafted cover letter is used to add an initial spark that sets your application above the scores of others in the queue. Don't miss out on learning more about this oftentimes key aspect of your presentation... and get noticed!


Career Coaching

Candidates have told us that 45 minutes on a call with Kanani was worth more than hours spent with other so called experts. As a respected authority on all things career related, she has answers to questions you didn't even think to ask. We know it will be a fun and uplifting chat for you and can offer as much time as you feel you need to help you get on track.


Combination Packages

We can combine any of these services to suit your needs. That's what we're all about - tailoring to the individual... Get in touch to help figure out what you need.

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