In these turbulent times, we can assist to put you in the right place should you need to find your next path forward. We offer a range of services from a resumé brush up through one on one career coaching. Pick and choose which services best suit your needs or simply contact us to discuss options.

Resumé Review


You're content that your resumé contains all the pertinent information but maybe you're unsure of the best way to format, how to describe your previous roles or which qualifications you should list. We can take a look and take care of the nip n tuck and suggest edits that would be useful. Chances are, we may know exactly who will be looking at the resumé and what they really love to see.

Resumé Re-write


You haven't looked at your resumé in years and you don't know where to begin! We can take what you have, discuss with you what you've done since and sculpt the best representation you can have on paper. Includes a one-on-one session to get to the bottom of exactly what you have to offer and where you hope to be.

LinkedIn Review


LinkedIn wasn't a thing last time you were interviewing. You have a profile but maybe that selfie was taken back in 2008, your rap sheet could use some work and you've no idea how to elicit a testimonial . We can advise on how best to portray your best self and enhance your network.

Cover Letter


A well crafted cover letter adds that initial spark that makes the hiring manager actually want to see your resumé above the scores of competition. Don't miss out on this vital weapon in your arsenal to add that little something extra and get noticed.

Career Coaching


Clients have told us that 45 minutes on a call with Kanani was worth more than hours spent with other so called experts. Kanani is a respected authority on all things tech in San Diego. What she doesn't know is barely worth knowing. If you're stuck in a rut, want to change direction or need some guidance on how to get that promotion, she can offer her extensive knowledge and experience and help you formulate a game plan. And she's fun to chat with too! We can offer as much time as you feel you need to help you get on track.

Mix n Match

$Available on request

A little from column A, a little from column B... We can arrange any combination of these services to suit your needs. That's what we're all about - Tailoring to the individual. Get in touch to help figure out what you might need.

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