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Kismet Search was founded in 2019 by veteran Recruiter & Headhuntress, Kanani Breckenridge, who brings 24+ years of experience and reputation as a top connector between technology executives, business professionals, and  companies building key teams


We are relationship builders, bringing empathy, expertise, and proven methods for filling specialized, targeted searches and over two decades of success in the San Diego County market as well as nationwide.



At Kismet Search, we understand the power of destiny matched with expertise when it comes to finding the perfect fit. That's why we've named our firm after the word "kismet," which embodies fate and the perfect alignment of stars.


While kismet and timing always play a part, our role as career matchmakers is to add our expertise, empathy, and finesse to turn hiring and career aspirations into reality.

Our approach to recruiting is that careers are just one piece in a holistic puzzle that's known as "real life"...  When evaluating opportunities for our candidates, we take every aspect of skills, personality, affinities, and passions into consideration. After a deep dive into our clients' goals and culture, we can then be confident in making the perfect match.

We also seek to add diversity and a range of perspectives to our clients' teams. We do this by looking beyond pedigrees and work experience to identify people who possess unique talents, interests, approaches, and have a natural curiosity. We see these factors as the keys to exceptional hires who bring unexpected, and often groundbreaking, benefits to their employers.





I’m a San Diego native with a passion for building connections and fostering a strong local ecosystem. From my days as a valedictorian graduate at La Jolla Country Day High School, to my time at the University of Southern California as a Dean and Golden State Scholar, I've always strived for excellence. With a BA in Creative Writing and Poetry, I can also rival any fancy AI chatbot and believe I bring a unique perspective to the recruiting world.

Following in the footsteps of my mother, Amy Moser, a TriStaff Group founder, I joined the firm in 1999, during the dynamic dot-com era. My talent for cultivating strong relationships propelled me to lead the Technology and Executive Search division during my 20 year tenure.

In 2019, I founded Kismet Search, a boutique firm specializing in Technology and Executive Recruiting. While expanding our reach nationally, we remain committed to our local focus on San Diego, CA. Our mission is to navigate the evolving landscape of work environments and help to create diverse and supportive cultures for our clients and candidates.

Currently residing in Encinitas, CA, I’m still very actively involved in the local tech community, mentoring at tech incubators, speaking at educational and business events, and hosting networking meetups.

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