At kismet search we are natural relationship builders who bring more than 20 years of professional recruiting experience in the San Diego and Southern California markets.

We are confident in our ability to deliver the candidates you need at the right time. We specialize in targeted searches, draw from a deep and broad database of top-tier talent, and deliver dream candidates using proven methods.



This work is about more than finding candidates who simply meet the requirements or match the keywords in a job description. We do a deep dive into your company and its culture to understand who could really impact your bottom line, elevate your team, and build innovative products or services.

We use our network and seek to add diversity and a range of backgrounds to your teams. We do this by looking beyond just pedigrees and work experience to identify people who have unique talents, interests and natural curiosity. We see these additional factors as the “special sauce” that brings unexpected and often groundbreaking benefits to the companies our candidates join.

One of the keys to finding the right people quickly is having a deep and vast network of people who trust you before there is even a position for them to fill. Kanani and her team bring a network of the top 5% of performers in the San Diego and Southern California areas, and continually grow their connections using the latest technologies and software, as well as good old fashioned relationship building.

Our recruitment process varies depending on client needs regarding speed, interview processes, and communication preferences. We customize our service to best fit our clients and also advise them on what are realistic expectations of the market to successfully provide the best talent as quickly as possible.



Founder and CEO of kismet search, Kanani is a San Diegan local who has worked in the industry for over 20 years. She began her career at TriStaff Group in 1999 after graduating from University of Southern California, which she attended through Dean’s and Golden State academic scholarships. Starting as the protégé of her mother, Amy Moser, Kanani was inspired to begin kismet search after Amy’s passing in 2019, thus bringing her legacy and years of mentoring to the new venture.


3:1 resume submission to interview ratio and 5:1 interview to hire ratio -- putting us in the top 5% in our industry

92% of new business is from client referrals

Candidates we place stay for 3.2 years on average, 60% longer than the competition

97% active client retention rate year over year