Founder and CEO of kismet search, Kanani Breckenridge, grew up in San Diego and has 20+ years in the recruiting industry. 


Kanani started her career in 1999 as a protégé of her mother, Amy Moser, who co-founded TriStaff.  After graduating from University of Southern California, which she attended on a USC Dean’s Scholarship and Golden State Scholarship. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing, Poetry Emphasis.


Kanani was inspired to start her own firm to honor her mom's legacy after Amy’s passing in 2019, and founded kismet search to begin a new adventure. 



Our approach to recruiting and career advice is that jobs are just one piece in a holistic puzzle that's known as "real life"...  When evaluating opportunities for our candidates, we take every aspect of skills, personality, affinities, and passions into consideration. After a deep dive into our clients' goals and culture we can then be confident of making the perfect match.

We also seek to add diversity and range of perspectives to our clients' teams.

We do this by looking beyond pedigrees and work experience to identify people who possess unique talents, interests, approach, and have natural curiosity. We see these factors as the keys to exceptional hires who bring unexpected, and often groundbreaking, benefits to their employers.

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