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Navigating career changes can be daunting and filled with challenges.  We offer you our expert counsel and affordable career services so that you have the support you need to put your best self forward with confidence.  


Kismet Search has built relationships with a large number of businesses throughout San Diego and Southern California. We know what they are looking for and can help you find where you are meant to be.

Resume Writing




Whether you feel 90% confident with your resume or you're stuck and don't know where to begin; don't sweat it.  We are here to create the best representation you can have on paper and even show how to connect it with digital media.

From overall resume content to the length and formatting, we will help you resolve those questions.  We can provide an assessment with recommendations or we can rewrite it for you.

You may have disregarded LinkedIn and social media in the past, but it is an effective tool for making yourself known to those who are looking.  We will assess your online branding presence and work with you to implement important techniques to portray your best self and successfully build out your network.

Were you aware that your profile photo, headlines, and other content were a vital element to standing out?  No matter where you are starting, our recommended updates will surely improve your networking and job search results.

LinkedIn & Social Media Branding




Resume Writing


Social Media Branding




How This Works

Our Process


We will collect your current documents and profiles to review. We will then have a 20 - 30 minute introductory call to discuss your goals, strengths, accomplishments provide a detailed overview of the process.


Over a 60 minute video or phone interview, we will dig deep into you.  We want to hear about your unique qualities, skills, and impacts so that we can communicate your best self in your resume.


Let the fun begin! We will use the rich knowledge from our Connect session to draft a resume that better highlights your strengths, abilities, a little personality formatted in a professional and contemporary style.


We will review the draft with you in a 60 minute live editing session.  We will fine tune your resume and send you the final draft in multiple formats.

Online Presence

If you've opted-in to enhance your online presence, we will ensure that your resume extends into your online presence and you have implemented key strategies to stand out.

Career Coaching

Do you feel like you are stuck in your career?  How do you approach your next step or promotion?  Talk to us and you will feel encouraged and equipped to move forward.  We are here to listen and to share our expert knowledge and advice with you.

Working With Us


Kanani is an amazing recruiter, and given her experience and success, it is no surprise that she would be excellent at helping individuals make a resume that gets noticed. I felt my resume needed a bit of a refresh and Kanani took it from a 2 to a 10!


I immediately began getting more interviews on submitted applications. The job market is only getting tougher and more competitive with record unemployment. 


Highly recommend investing in a quality resume and/or cover letter, it could be the difference landing that next role! 

Samuel H.

VP of Product Marketing

April 2020

Kanani is an extremely talented recruiter. She manages relationships proactively and truly strives to deliver exactly what her clients and candidates need. 


If you are looking to hire top tech leadership or are searching for your next role, Kanani is the right person for you! She is also just plain fun to work with.

Sean H.

Lead Software Engineer

March 2020

I had heard of Kanani long before having ever met her as she had placed several very significant leadership positions at my last company - VPs, C-level & other highly skilled positions. 


Naturally, when I started my job search I had the pleasure of being introduced & could not be more thankful to have her in my corner. She found me a great position working at a great company and under great leadership... 


Now, I love where I'm at & certainly would not have been able to connect with this opportunity on my own.

Nakita P.

Scientist Turned Manager

December 2019

Our Mission

Kismet Search was founded with the mission to help people find where they are meant to be. Whether you are a business in search of the right person for the job, or you are that person in search of your place, we can help.