We find where you're meant to be


The word "kismet" is defined as fate, destiny, providence, being at the right place at the right time.

Thus, our goal for our clients and candidates at kismet search is to bring that concept into reality

With more than 20 years of Technology and Executive Recruiting experience and focus within San Diego and throughout Southern California, we are confident in our ability to make the ideal matches for candidates and clients.


kismet search was founded with the mission of creating the best possible experience for clients and candidates who trust us to build their businesses and careers.

The word kismet means fate or destiny. We chose the name Kismet Search because we believe that everyone deserves to find their ideal place in the world. We consider it our job to help clients find the right employees, and help candidates find where they’re meant to be.


You could stumble upon your destiny, but most often it happens through an active change agent…namely, recruiting professionals like us!



kismet search focuses on Southern California and San Diego, CA, and we span a wide range of commercial industries.

We work across numerous functions––from marketing to sales to product development to engineering––and we often partner with our clients to advise them on their strategic growth plans.

Since 1999, we have worked in virtually every vertical and we stay abreast of the latest innovations as technology continues to evolve.


  • Enterprise B2B SaaS 

  • Medical Devices and Healthcare IT

  • ML, AI, Computer Vision

  • IoT, Wearables, Smart Devices

  • Biotech/Bioinformatics

  • FinTech

  • Defense, Aerospace, Cyber Security

  • E-commerce


For companies of all sizes and stages, we deliver executive search capabilities to augment our clients' upper management, C-suite, and Board with leaders who will inspire your teams and take your business to the next level.

Our Executive Search services are tailored to each client's specific needs, budget and timing. We work with Retained, Engaged, and Contingency models. 

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You may excel at your role and truly be the best amongst your peers, but how does your resumé reflect that effectively? Are cover letters still a thing?Resumé writing is an art in itself, why don't you concentrate on what you're good at and let us help you shine?


Job Hunting can be stressful; it's difficult to know what to do, especially if you've not done it in a while. We have the experience to know exactly what prospective employers are looking for and how best to get that across on paper and in person.

We offer a whole range of services from simple advice on a resumé to full blown career coaching. We're here to help.


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